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02/10/2023 - The Goonternational Battlepass

We are pleased to release today our GTi Compendium! 

For £23.99 we will give you full access to this Bingo card to be used during the elimination brackets!


by Nutkin


New Episodes of Mind of a Goon

out now

27/09/2023 - End of Group Stage

It's actually ogre! we see The Goon, The bad and The Ugly win over Geoff in the final stage allowing Eri to not sleep for 24hours as he arranges the upcoming Bracket stage. 

Drama Report - 

  • Schmupster legendary Timbersaw player has gone missing, this is the 9th questionable disapearance  during this tournament and is quite concerning.  Tofeh still has not been found despite the last game featuring an AI generation of Tofeh designed to recommend deserts and pastries. We still mourn the 7 casters lost in the tragic accident. This reporter is just saying this has only started happening since Zoey from 2H4D used some sort of eldritch incantation to get Npr to join their team. 

  • M4NC4F and Bingus continue to swap players like no tomorrow suggesting some sort of collusion in place lets see how this works for the brackets. 

  • In light of recent supernatural shenanigans, Coop is the new Pos 4 and Emu moves to Pos 3 in Geoffs roster. Who will be the next person to leave Geoff, is this the Triggers broom of DOTA teams? Will they be able to win? Apparently not!

  • We see Hooligoons and Stinky's Holy Warriors Eliminated, we shall never know what Hooligoons would be capable of if it weren't for whoever kept knocking KBJ unconscious during matches. Thank you to Stinky's a true gem of a team, we hope you stick around!

  • Zoey finally reveals she prefers Belgium in her tell all interview on the new episode of Mind of a Goon, click the link bellow to listen! 

  • And Finally multiple people who in fact DO NOT run a DOTA tournament argue with Tournament organiser Eri about how to run a tournament, this kind of complaining in a structured tournament  will not be tolerated and will be met with further action based on rules that will be made up on the spot.  Except Team Spherical who have been submitting nothing but constructive criticism and are charming as always. 

As always GLHF

by Nutkin


New Episodes of Mind of a Goon

out now

17/09/2023 - End of week 3 

It's nearly ogre!

Drama Report - 

  • During the Billionaires vs Granny's cookies, it is said the GG was not official, overrated player NochUK typed the phrase GG entirely by accident enraging team captain TheBleakGiant who has since asked for Noch to remove and ship him his G key. 

  • Bingus Academy are accused of employing elite snipers to tranquillise Hooligoons Star Player KBJ. During the second game of Bingus vs Hooligoons, KBJ is said to have mysteriously fallen asleep at the keyboard. This has never happened before and is described by the league officials as "Sussy".

  • Due to repeated unsporting efforts from various teams we have added 3 new rules to the FAQ/Rules section.
    TLDR, If you say GG it means GG, Coaches are not allowed in chat or the lobby during the game and when you pause the game you better make sure everyone is ready to go before you unpause. 


  • We say our goodbyes to legendary caster Redalus who unfortunately was involved in a road traffic accident during a recordbreaking 7 person stream. The whereabouts of Tofeh also sadly going to Reds grave with him. 









As always GLHF


by Nutkin


Episode 6 of Mind of a Goon out now

11/09/2023 - End of week 2 

We are in the thick of it now and there is no GOONing out.  We have seen some awesome guest casting from hoxieloxie with Super, catch her stream here

Also see the clip here for how hoxieloxie and Pyrion Flax met 

Drama Report - 

  • During the M4NC4F vs Goonfellas there was a 15 min drop out due to what is claimed to be poor internet from the Insomnia Gaming event. Rumours around the GTi watering hole are Gibbo789, while in a public place away from his team, was extremely open to bribery and several bananas have been seen changing hands. 

  • Overcommitters Bingus Academy, who booked 2 games back to back, had to give up their guaranteed win over Wogan's Wizards to knock out a 2-0 victory against TG,TB &TU. We caught up with Vesper to get a comment; 

  • NZFedX Accused of exploiting a bug with a Soul Ring in a game has been let off the hook with a shocking descision from Eri who has decided Everyone should use the bug if they are that fussed. Justice is dead and people are reaching for their pitchforks. 

  • A fake GG happened this week when Maselway typed "GG" mid game, later explaining that he had accidently smashed his face on the keyboard to activate a spell and this was not intentional.  More about this in Episode 5 of Mind of a Goon!

  • 2H4D have been dominating Group B this week, we caught up with their top player TheBastMaster to give us a comment on why they think they are dominating ;

  • TheGrumpyNerd has been accused of being the 6th player for geoff and on their payroll from the get-go as an undercover spy. When asked about this he had this to say, as a large brown Geoff branded envelope full of cash fell from his pocket;

  • Allegedly, during Stray vs Spherical series, Team Stray unleashed their secret sixth player, Hornet. Hornet's job is to invade the homes of the opponent and distract during key team fights. Like all members of Team Stray however, his positioning is terrible and was spotted before they could be impactful. Time will tell if Hornet is able to be effective in future series'.

  • Lastly a non-union caster was caught not doing his research when on stream with angelic guest hoxieloxie - we have an exclusive clip as a stark reminder why you should always use Union Goons Casting. 




As always GLHF

"I am neither confirming nor denying any rumours that 2H4D have acquired lost Stasi documents detailing each and every players playstyle, schedule and home address."

Under the advice of legal counsel I shall not be responding to these allegations at this time. My silence is not indicative of either guilt or innocence.

"We let the Wizards off easy game two - whilst we would have played both the teams simultaneously it would have been too embarrassing for them to lose like that!"


by Nutkin


Episode 5 of Mind of a Goon out now

02/09/2023 - First Week Nearly Over

We have kicked off the 2023 Goonternational with a bang over the last week many of you have been watching your favourite teams battle it out. 

Drama Report - 

  • Non - Union caster theplague34 has received a black mark from the organisers for flaming a member of Team Stray during the match, the player (who can't be named) was said to be "greatly upset" .  When asked to give a comment theplague34 is quoted as saying. 

  • In other Union news, it appears that the union has noticed a lot of streams being run by a Pflax along with theplague34 and someone by the name of Enthused105, this came to a point on Friday when Union member and lover of all baby animals Redalus, was set to cast the hot match of Wogans Wizards vs. Billionaires when they were suddenly usurped by the trio.  We approached Enthused105 for a comment.

  • You can now catch up with the replays on the official VOD archieve links are now available on the Schedule

  • KBJ vs Chrono heats up as each goon desperate to outplay the other, even if it puts the whole team at a detriment. 

  • The Organisers have also received an accusation that a team is stream sniping, we are watching closely and take these accusations very seriously. Any team caught sniping with confident evidence will be punished possibly ejected from the tournament. 

As always GLHF


Episode 3 of Mind of a Goon out now

"I have faith that the market will recognise the strong fundamentals that support TP34s valuation. Recent trembles in the market are nothing more than investor panics. Buy now when it's a bargain and we'll soar together to the top of the market"

“We respect redalus greatly as a caster and wish him the best in all his casted games. However, me and theplague34 feel compelled to cast games in which our teams are playing. Ted, despite putting nothing towards GTI, is by and large responsible for most of the player base and hence most of GTI should have free reign over whatever he wants to cast in his own realm. We have yet to hear complaint directly from the distinguished chocolate gorilla so this comes as a surprise to me and all my team. That being said, we are bound by the law of Eri and Nutkin as it is their GTI. Thusly, we will cooperate wherever possible to allow grassroots streams to develop”​.

by Nutkin

26/08/2023 -  Update

We now have 18 Teams confirmed, go check them out on the Teams Page.  We are now closed for applications and will be working on the group stages and brackets!


Live Group drawings will take place Sunday 8pm BST on TheGoonternation 

Drama Things that happened this week,

  • Stessi's Shitters pull out and I-Shitters pull in after long discussions about whether stessi did put the shit in shitters. 

  • Two new teams in the form of Granny's Cookies and Bingus Academy.

  • More videos have been released and can be seen on the Teams Page.
  • The Librarian and KieranTheWise launch Episode 2 of the LLL propaganda podcast
    Refusing the pronounce 5 4ft 3" 1 Billionaires name properly. 


Episode 3 of Mind of a Goon out now

Thank you to HRAUGUR for the new logos and for helping us with the Art. 

feel free to buy him a coffee at
Check out his art at

by Nutkin

20/08/2023 -  Update

We now have 16 Teams confirmed, go check them out on the Teams Page.  Reminder you have until the end of August 25th to submit your team.  Potentially we will be cutting off registration at 18 teams, so act now to secure your space.  

DramaThings that happened this week,

  • Alphard fired from team stray due to the team being too nice. 

  • ScienceWhizBen Abandoned this weeks battlecup to lose a 6 hour game of Civ VI .

  • [REDACTED] has been fired from LLL and the team has withdrawn its application to play. 

  • Completely unrelated to the above, Hmmm TJ has submitted team Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm .  

  • We have a 4 sibling team join us in the form of Stinky's Holy Warriors!

  • George Fourman + Grill a Turbo only Quintet have also submitted to try their hands at the tournament. 

  • Officials given anonymous tips on performance enhancing/decreasing drugs being used by competitors.

  • ThePlague34 officially announced as Coach for Wogans Wizzards 

Also coming to you with weekly episodes, is the new Podcast from KieranTheWise and

The Librarian ,  "Mind of a Goon". 


A DOTA 2 Community podcast, hosted by KieranTheWise and The Librarian. Following the action and events in "The Goonternational", a community tournament organised, competed in, and covered by subscribers of Pyrion Flax.

by Nutkin

13/08/2023 -  Teams Revealed

We are halfway to the lock down and already we have 14 Teams confirmed, go check them out on the Teams Page.  Reminder you have until the end of August 25th to submit your team. 

DramaThings that happened this week,

  • 2H4D only come second in their Battlecup after being victorious last week

  • Emu controversially allowed to play

  • A new Pos 3 announced for Geoff 

  • Kieran reveals Five Four Foot Three One Billionaires with a stunning video

  • Kieran also reveals Stesi's Shitters in this video

  • Epic_Doom replaces Calamity Sam in TG,TB,TU

  • The league has been accepted by Valve

  • Storming Eagle has been picked up by 54ft31B however has been declared missing!

  • Goon Special Forces re brands to Goonfellas with only 1 former member still in the team, will this help them win? probably not.

  • Pyrion Flax not even signed up to cast own tournament, when questioned about it he was quoted as saying "You have the wrong guy my name is Draskyl"

  • Our 8 Casters have been anounced, see the list here


Vote for your favourite team!


by Nutkin

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