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Welcome to The Goonternational

A lot has happened in the last ten months. Temperatures are rising the world over, and MMRs are dropping. A new hero was added, and there was a number patch (a big one). LeBron passed 38,000 career points, the UK's blasting through Prime Ministers like cheap cigarettes, and the world's richest man is on a Become Destitute Any% Speedrun. Plague is Immortal. And deep in the treacherous wilderness of Seattle, a sandalled man sits atop a gilded throne of Steam Decks, stroking his glorious beard, and tries to decide whether to sue us for Copyright Infringement. That's right, baby.

It's Goonternational time again.


10/10/2023 - They Think It's All Ogre 


It is Drow.... The End is here, Too Hot For DotA beat Monkeys for Nothing and Chimps For Free, 2-0 in a gruelling battle of 2 (nearly hour long) games of DotA. 

Congratulations to 2H4D for their well-deserved and impressive run through the upper bracket!

The charity chosen for this year is Stonewall, you can read more about them here:


We asked 2H4D to tell us a little about the Charity and why it means a lot to them.

"Stonewall is an amazing LBGTQ+ charity that does great work in helping and defending queer people in the UK. Particularly in light of recent rises in hate crimes and hateful rhetoric in the UK, we think that it is an important time to show and provide support, which is why we are honoured and proud to select Stonewall as our charity. We hope everyone can come together and raise lots of money for them!"


So if you enjoyed watching, playing or listening to the podcast and can spare a few gold for an amazing charity then please click the link bellow to make a donation to our Just Giving page.



That is it for another year, thank you so much to everyone old and new for playing, casting, cheering and getting involved. This has truly been the best GTi so far and has been so much fun to organise and to be able to give you all the Ti experience. 

So for the final time, Good Luck, and Have Fun!

Eri & Nutkin


New Episodes of Mind of a Goon

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Game tournament

Sign Up Rules

  1. You must be a subscriber to and be a member in the discord. 

  2. ll Submissions must be complete five-man teams - there will be a thread on the Pyrion Flax Discord for unaffiliated players to announce themselves and find a team.

  3. A team must consist of 5 players with clearly defined roles of Hard Support, Soft Support, Off Lane, Carry and Mid. A Captain must be clearly designated amongst these.

  4. All Members of the team must meet standard inhouse criteria (soft floor of 75-100 games, soft cap of approx. mid Legend. Outliers can be argued for to organisers, but must be resolved before team registration is completed.

  5. Submissions close at 23:59 on Friday, August 25th 2023. Teams submitted after the deadline cannot be guaranteed places in the tournament once the bracketing process has begun.

  6. Each team must designate one individual as a point of contact, responsible for communicating scheduling details to organisers. they will also be expected to liaise with other teams on matters of stand-ins, scheduling issues and other disputes, as well as being available to contact from Organisers should anything arise. It is recommended that a team's point of contact be their manager, coach, captain or otherwise figure of authority, but it is not necessary to be - nominate your nan if you like, as long as she has a Discord account.

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